Performance Expert

John Flowers

John Flowers is a Performance Expert at The Achieve Institute. He is an Innovative and forward-thinking professional with expertise in all facets of conceptualizing and launching training programs, heavily contributing to the professional growth of staff, and taking a motivational approach to leadership. John possesses a solid working knowledge in leading teams, implementing improvement initiatives, and driving profitability.

With decades of corporate experience, John has a passion for seeing others succeed. He is a self-described lifelong learner who holds degrees in marketing, adult education, and organizational leadership. John’s strengths allow him to inspire and impact his clients’ success and because of this he has repeatedly been rewarded for his dedication to excellence, exceptional leadership skills, and his contribution to top results.

Take the next step toward high performance.

1100 King Street, Suite 110

Rye Brook, NY 10573

Phone: +1 (310) 664-9400


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