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How a Struggling Product Factory Transformed into a High-Performing, Innovative Powerhouse with the Achieve System™

The Challenge: Align Key Departments with Company Objectives

The Executive Leadership Team of a fast-growing software company found themselves at a crossroads: As a product-centric company, their Product Factory was the fabric of the organization — but they weren’t confident in the Product Factory’s ability to achieve the company roadmap.

A lack of transparency for deliverables, a lack of continuity and clear accountability, and a disconnect between the Product Factory and the wider corporate objectives created a misalignment between key departments, and they found themselves working in silos and struggling to make progress.

The Application: Restructure Processes Around Desired Impact

Using the Achieve System™ tool, Air, Water, and Food, Achieve Performance Experts helped the leadership team prioritize and align on their most critical initiatives and challenges. Their top priority was aligning the team for a high-performance culture, followed by defining and committing to a realistic project cadence, and finally, developing their organizational maturity.

Each session focused on a clear objective, laid out in the beginning and reviewed at the end, with follow-up accountability check-ins to ensure follow-through. The team used the Achieve System™ concept of Base Camps to break down each initiative into manageable goals. They identified fragility in their processes and developed new solutions to address it, defined new metrics to monitor their success, and allocated time for internal reviews and planning.

  • Mid-Size Software Company
  • 1,000+ Employees

“The team of facilitators at the Achieve Institute are fabulous to work with. After a period of time, you almost forget that they’re a consulting team that’s helping you — they feel like part of the team.”

The Results:

Scaled Productivity and a Refined Long-Term Strategy

The organization experienced a significant boost in productivity, and its new high-performing teams gained the ability to regularly and reliably deliver on objectives while implementing both immediate and long-term realistic plans. With their reworked processes and refocused goals, the team refined their 5-year go-to-market plan and corporate strategy, taking their team’s full potential into account. They proliferated the Achieve System from the leadership team right down to the front-line managers, instilling a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration at every level.

Improved Teamwork & Communication

Increased Innovation

Streamlined Efficiency

Enhanced Productivity

Optimized Results

Shared Direction

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