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23 May 2017

Change: Focus on your Destination

Change is inevitable. Some people react well to change, adjusting their approach as circumstances change in their lives or in the workplace. Others experience anxiety because of the uncertainty associated with change. Can you guess which type of person is focused on their destination? The people who...
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21 Feb 2017

Leadership and Performance

People, teams, and organizations only make progress if good leadership is in place that enables them to move forward. When the leader of a company does not have positive momentum, they will not be able to consistently lead their teams to the highest performance. A leader’s momentum is reflected i...
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13 Jan 2017

New Year Resolutions

The New Year comes with new possibilities. Connecting to Possibility is a technique my team and I teach business leaders about on a daily basis. Below are some New Year’s Resolutions I gathered from business leaders I talk to in my coaching practice. I’ll be working with these leaders through...
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07 Oct 2016


When you say you will do your best, what exactly do you mean? What is “best” to you? Imagine someone who is training to run a marathon. She promises herself to do her bestin training – but does she mean best fantasy or best actually? Using Best Fantasy is a big trap. Best Fantasy is you...
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07 Jul 2016

Create, Don’t Fix

The trend in our society today is to fix what’s broken.  We need to fix the government, fix the economy, fix healthcare. The answer to solving our problems is to fix everything. The reality, though, is that fixing doesn’t help us effectively solve our problems, or perform at our best. Instead, ...
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07 Jun 2016


Ask yourself this question:  Is it my past or my future that has the biggest impact on how I’m performing right now?  Most people, without knowing it, base their expectations on what they know – their past, and then project their past into our future. It’s like if you were driving a c...
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