21 Feb 2017

Leadership and Performance

People, teams, and organizations only make progress if good leadership is in place that enables them to move forward. When the leader of a company does not have positive momentum, they will not be able to consistently lead their teams to the highest performance.

A leader’s momentum is reflected in how the leader shows up each day . Successful leaders learn from their mistakes, take accountability for their actions, and move forward in a positive manner.

A good leader never hesitates to admit when he or she has failed to meet obligations. Being an effective leader means you need to be committed to all aspects of running a team or organization efficiently, with the aim of reaching and striving for your full potential.

A good leader is energized by their destination. Leaders who create a future that truly inspires them influence their entire team to do the same.

People, teams, and organizations gravitate toward what they know. They gravitate toward what is normal to them. A good leader sets their Best Actual as their normal and uses a positive approach to ensure consistent positive fundamental change. This leads to a new Best Actual, and a new normal of even higher performance.

What are you doing to be a good leader in your life?


  1. Very nice article, totally what I was looking for.

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