07 Oct 2016


When you say you will do your best, what exactly do you mean? What is “best” to you?

Imagine someone who is training to run a marathon. She promises herself to do her bestin training – but does she mean best fantasy or best actually?

Using Best Fantasy is a big trap. Best Fantasy is your vision of the best that you can do if everything went perfectly every time, all the time. It’s not based in reality and usually unattainable. Think about it: how often do things work exactly the way you want them to? If our runner thinks she can train using Best Fantasy sooner, rather than later, she will encounter less-than-perfect conditions. Then, she feel disappointed, frustrated and just not successful. If she hold onto Best Fantasy, she will likely to drop out of the marathon all together.

In training, in business – even just in life, in order to become star performers, we need an approach that works every time, in all circumstances. When you promise to do your “best” you want to use Best Actual. Best Actual is the best an individual can actually do in a particular moment, with existing skills and abilities.

Your Best Actual is constantly changing and evolving based on your increased abilities and outside factors. If our runner focuses on using Best Actual, and doing her actual best every time, she can do just that. As she gets stronger and better through training, her “best” just gets better. Just like her physical training, the more she mentally trains to become better defining what is truly her Best Actual, the more positive she becomes. You can do more with a positive attitude, based on performance goals based in reality. Her use of Best Actual each time keeps her positive which creates more successes, this creates what we teach is a Cycle of Success.

This same thought process can apply to business as well. You and your team should use Best Actual, you define your best, situation to situation based on reality – not some unattainable fantasy. You don’t want to focus on doing your best only if you can get everything to execute perfectly.

The key is to focus on your own Best Actual and achieve it each moment of each day. Apply the concept of Best Actual to all your goals – both personal and professional. What is the best you can do given today’s circumstance, tools and skills? Once you define this you can then work to do your best each day. Your goals get bigger, your skills get stronger but each and every time you set out to do the best you can actually do.

Remember Best Actual is truly the best you can do – on both your best days and your worst days. Even on your worst days, you can achieve your Best Actual given the circumstances.

We work with business leaders and teams to help them learn to focus on their Best Actual, using that as a performance gauge to increase their actions and results. Over and over again we have shown them how to increase their performance, improve what they can accomplish and improve their bottom line.

I’d love to hear from you on how you define your best each day. Is it an unattainable goal based on a fantasy, or are you factoring in the best you can actually do moment to moment? Please let me know in the comments below.

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